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I’m A Host

I’m A Venue

I’m A Host

Post an event

It’s free and takes you only seconds. Be as descriptive as possible for the potential venues to get a good understanding of your requirement.

Browse Venues

We make your job easier by listing all venues around your preferred location for any event. View their profile and send them an invite if you’re interested.

Know the venue

Images, videos, testimonials, their past events and detailed descriptions must have helped. Now you have the Message Board to talk and find out if the venue is suitable for your event.

Award venue

We have an Activity Centre where both you and venue can create the entire itinerary. You can use this for food, travel, accommodation, scheduling and all other aspects that are required for your event.

You can create your own labels, add unlimited rows and columns with quantity and pricing. When everything is set, award the venue.

Escrow Deposit

To safeguard the interests of the venue and for your security, we have a secure transaction process, where you can deposit the funds for the accepted bid in milestones discussed with the venue of your choice and confirm hosting the event with them.

Rate and Review the Venue

We are sure your event was a success.  You can rate and review on every aspect you had earlier discussed with the venue. Your feedback will help other hosts make educated choices for their events.

Event Hosting

Our platform is all about helping you host your event at the right place and within your budget. We save you the time, energy and effort it takes to visit each venue and instead connect you with all venues in just a few clicks.



I’m A Venue

Create Your Profile

It’s free. Build your profile- enter details about you, what you offer, your contact details, physical address, descriptive text, high quality images and good videos. These help the buyer understand your venue and visualize his event.

Browse Events

When you register you get notified of all the events raised in the city. When you are find any that interest you, submit a “Bid Interest” right away! Start communicating using the Message Board!

Plan the event

OneDais provides both you and your host with a simple yet a complete DIY tool- Activity Centre, which can be used to discuss different aspects of your entire event. This would individually and collectively help you with the scheduling, timing, billing etc.

Secured Payment

OneDais provides you with a secure SSL and payment gateway for hassle-free transactions. It provides you with accounting and billing tools which help you manage the entire transaction history, billing, reporting, funds received and withdrawal details.

Rate and Review

When you deliver the requirement you can command the rating and reviews you deserve. You could request for recommendation and access to the host’s entire guest list.

Grow Your Business

Satisfied buyers become repeat clients- which is why building your online reputation with great feedback is in your hands! Make the most of our platform to pitch your venue to potential buyers. We offer you everything to make your venue popular- from online sales, social marketing and billing tools to Message Boards, collaboration tools and payments management.

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